ZAG (Aluminium) Junction Box

The ZAG range comprises of 19 enclosure sizes, precision die cast in Al Si 12 grade (LM24) aluminium alloy. This grade of aluminium provides maximum corrosion resistance especially in salt laden atmospheres.

The ZAG enclosure features a unique labyrinth seal system that protects the inner seal from the external environment. Mounting holes although contained within the profile of the enclosure also sit outside of the seal. This ensures excellent ingress protection (IP66/67 and Type 4X). The ambient temperature of ZAG range is from -70C to 130C.

The ZAG range provides a highly flexible enclosure solution. It can be machined, drilled, tapped with various thread forms and readily accepts most paint finishes and colours. In addition to the walls, tapped entries can also be machined the base of the enclosure to provide increased flexibility for installation. The range is particularly suitable for RFI screening and engraving or silk screen printing of instructions or decals.

All of this can be achieved even in relatively small batches which make the ZAG range ideal for OEM manufacturers who require a cost effective custom enclosure.

Fixings are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. Standard earthing is via an external/internal stainless steel stud. In turn this can be connected to the terminal mounting rail or component mounting plate. Various rail mounted earth terminals or proprietary earth bars can be fitted inside the enclosure. External stainless steel mounting feet are also offered as an option.

Additional protection methods such as Alochrome, anodising and epoxy polyester painting are available to further enhance the anti-corrosion properties of the enclosure.