BPG (GRP) Enclosure

The BPG range comprises 16 sizes of enclosure manufactured in glass reinforced polyester.

GRP is highly resistant to contamination from oils, fats, aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates, bacteria and enzymes. It is also suitable for LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) applications. This material gives excellent mechanical strength and life expectancy.

The wall thickness is sufficient to allow tapped entry holes to be machined in the walls of the enclosure and it provides a very good alternative to aluminium or cast iron.

Abtech mould the BPG range from SMC material rather than DMC which is the most common form of GRP. In this method the glass reinforcement takes the form of sheets rather than short strands. This gives much greater mechanical strength and also in the event of the enclosure being exposed to extreme heat.

Under fire test conditions the structure holds together even if the resin is depleted. The BPG range when fitted with ceramic terminals meets the requirements of IEC 331 (750°C for 3 hours) and also BS6387/1983 (950°C for 3 hours - flame only).

The BPG junction box has excellent ingress protection qualities (IP66/67 and Type 4X) due to the enclosure’s labyrinth seal system, whereby the seal is protected from the external environment. The mounting holes, although contained within the profile of the enclosure, are also designed to sit outside the seal maintaining its integrity.