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Abtech have developed a range of high voltage hazardous area junction boxes specifically designed for the termination of combined power, instrumentation and control cables within the same Ex-rated enclosure.

These enclosures provide a safety critical connection point for offshore umbilical cables or onshore power distribution systems. Identified with a 125 suffix, these marine grade stainless steel enclosures build upon Abtech’s field proven HV range and are fully certified for use in Zone 1 and 21 hazardous areas.

The ABJB125 was recently selected for use on an upgrade project in the Middle East encompassing sixty five offshore platforms all powered by an interconnecting 15kV ring main system. This solution utilised two enclosures per platform to manage the incoming and outgoing multi-use cables.

Due to the site specific conditions and the stringent requirements of the end user, Abtech engineers worked closely with the main EPC contractor to tailor the ABJB125 solution for maximum efficiency. To combat the rigours of the offshore environment, an anti-condensation heater was also incorporated within the design and a special epoxy paint finish applied to prevent corrosion.

Abtech’s splitter box design allows both high voltage and fibre optic cables to be terminated within the same hazardous area enclosure. The high voltage section supplies power to the platform, whilst the fibre optic section is used to control instrumentation and communications.

This single cable design layout had not previously been implemented by the local project team, however this approach greatly reduced overall installation costs on the project as the installation requirements could be combined, including the supporting infrastructure (cable ladder, cleats, termination kits, etc).