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Abtech’s APC photocell has been developed to provide facility managers with a method of controlling the switching of light fittings in hazardous areas. “The system works by turning off non-essential hazardous area lighting automatically when a desired lux level is reached” explains Gareth Bruce, Marketing Manager at Abtech.

Hazardous Area Photocell

He continues “As the plant luminaires are only operating when light levels drop below a specified minimum, site energy consumption and overall plant running costs are reduced - a double hit in terms of pro-actively managing your maintenance budget and improving your green credentials!”

Designed to act both as a junction box and lighting controller, the Abtech APC hazardous area photocell can be installed without the need for major rewiring of existing circuits, thus providing a cost effective alternative to complex digital control systems.

“In terms of functionality, we have set the standard switching level at 70 lux, with an on/off ratio of 1:1. There is also a built in delay of 25 seconds to prevent nuisance switching should a bird or animal briefly obscure the sensor. Other lighting levels can be specified on request”.

At the heart of its design is Abtech's proven BPG (glass reinforced polyester) enclosure range. “Our BPG range is moulded from sheets rather than short fibre lengths, the result being an enclosure with much greater mechanical strength compared to traditional DMC produced boxes".

The APC photocell is ATEX and IECEx approved with version for both Zone 1, 21, Zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas.

Click here for a copy of the Zone 1 datasheet: