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Abtech's ATEX approved LED streetlight for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas sets a new standard for horizontal illumination. The STR-1 provides industrial sites that incorporate hazardous locations the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of LED technology for roadway and perimeter lighting.

Abtech have launched an ATEX approved LED streetlight for use in Zone 2 Gas and Dust hazardous areas.

The transition to LED street lighting in residential and commercial markets has been underway for a number of years. In such sectors, the main drivers have been lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. But there are other features of LED technology when applied to street lighting that are particularly important for hazardous area illumination.

In terms of light distribution, well-designed optics in a solid state luminaire provide excellent uniformity of light. This means having fewer hotspots and subsequent pools of darkness. Particularly important when looking as horizontal illumination and the spacing possible between lighting columns. LED streetlights produce a very focused light distribution. This gives greater control of the total light produced, reducing upward losses and unwanted spill into adjacent areas.

These features were considered in the design of the STR1. As a result, four highly efficient LED optics were developed. Dependent upon the requirement to either maximise horizontal spacing or provide a forward throw of light onto the roadway or the Ex-rated process area, designers can choose the most appropriate lens combination.

This flexibility can allow lighting schemes to be optimised for maximum night time visibility. For hazardous locations, not only can this reduce vehicular accident but overcome potential health and safety issues, increasing site safety.

To find out more regarding the technical details and specification of the STR1, please visit the product page: