Heavy Industrial

Heavy Industry 

At Abtech we design electrical connection products to withstand the rigors of heavy industrial operation. Our enclosures are highly resistant to contamination from oils, fats, aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates, bacteria and enzymes. This makes them ideal for use in heavy industrial applications. They are also suitable for LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) applications.

In addition to chemical resistance, all Abtech enclosure and lighting products feature high levels of ingress protection (IP66/67/68). In fact our stainless steel, Nautilus enclosure has been independently tested to maintain ingress protection at fifty metres for two weeks!

Further testing confirmed one hundred metres of submersion protection for a period of five days.

IP68 Enclosure 

Abtech stainless steel (SX) and GRP (BPG) terminal enclosures provide exceptional levels of fire resistance, thus ensuring that safety critical systems such as emergency lighting or fire safety controls maintain their electrical integrity during extreme events. This high level of fire resistance has led to Abtech enclosures and egress lighting solutions being selected on a number of key projects including the UK Channel and Tyne tunnels

Fire Rated Enclosure 

Our enclosures have also been successfully tested and awarded Type Approval certification by Lloyd’s Register (LR).

LR Type Approval provides independent verification that a product conforms to recognised industry quality standards and that certified products are suitable for use in marine and offshore applications as well as industrial plant and process operations.